The Wall Street Journal on Investment Advisory Fees

Pretty cool moment for me this weekend as I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal in Jason Zweig’s “The Intelligent Investor” column.  You can find the piece here:

Incredible Shrinking Management Fee

I’m happy to see that people are starting to ask more questions about the nature and structure of professional financial advisory fees. I hope that the industry can have a “come clean” moment and acknowledge that 1% asset-based fees for financial professionals may not be appropriate for many high net worth individuals.

While the exposure is always nice, the great part actually was spending 20 minutes or so talking to a journalist and author who I have tons of respect for.  If you aren’t regularly reading Jason’s column, you ought to be.  Start with this piece: The Intelligent Investor: Saving Investors from Themselves

I hope that this piece in the WSJ leads to more conversations both in the industry and between clients and their advisors about what a reasonable fee-for-service model should look like.

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