Who We Are

Bason Asset Management was born out of a conversation that occurred early on in my career. I was sitting in the office of a colleague reviewing a client’s portfolio when the topic of the client’s fee arose.

“Do you think,” my colleague asked me, “that we do $30,000 worth of work for [client]?”

“Of course not,” I immediately responded.

Even then, very young in my career, I recognized that something was amiss. Now I will not begrudge anyone making a living, nor disallow the success of a hardworking entrepreneur. But there comes a point, without question, where fees become excessive. This is why we have abandoned the percentage-of-assets compensation model for a more straightforward annual retainer fee. It is not difficult for us to describe, in detail, the services provided for our $5,800 annual fee. You can read more about these services here.

“Bason” is an (obsolete) English word referring to the weigh pan of a balance scale. We chose the name to evoke a sense of fairness and equity that we feel reflects our business model.

ADV Part 3 – Bason Asset Management

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