What readers liked most in 2014

(Everybody else is doing it, so here’s my list of most-read posts in 2014)

1) Hate something (or a few things) in your portfolio? Why Diversification Sucks.

2) While being a “passive” investor is better for you, even “Passive” investors have to make “Active” decisions

3) There’s always a great reason not to be invested in the market: The Wall of Worry, Illustrated

4) Being a self-help guru doesn’t make you a financial expert: My thoughts on Tony Robbins’ MONEY Master the Game

5) On the perils of being a long-term investor: “Over the Long Term” Doesn’t Mean “Always”

6) (Actually from 2013 but received new life in 2014) You can’t predict future returns and correlation of asset classes: Why your asset allocation is wrong, along with everyone else.


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