*Quick business note

I don’t talk a lot about the business of this firm on the blog, as most information pertains to existing clients and I communicate with them in other ways.  But this note isn’t for them.

I’m a sole proprietor and I like it that way.  That’s how I intend things to be indefinitely.  I much more enjoy working with my clients than managing staff, a big office and everything that comes with it. I’ve always said that I don’t intend to build an empire and that’s the truth. This business is part of my family’s lifestyle, and I am not going to compromise those priorities for the sake of growth.

And growth there has been. I’ve been very pleased with how things have gone in the past few years, and the pace has well exceeded my expectations. Quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier to work with such a great group of clients.  And that’s the rub: I like working with my clients.  And that means that I have an eventual limit on my capacity, which I’ve always known to be the case. While I am not yet at my capacity, this year I need to make sure that I am managing the pace of growth so I can continue to do the best work I can for my clients.

And so, I’m introducing a wait list for new client relationships. If we’ve already spoken, this doesn’t apply to you and we’ll continue at whatever pace you like. For others, the waiting list will function on a first-come, first-served basis. I’m not turning away new clients, but I need to make sure that I am in control of the pace of the growth of this firm so that I can give clients the attention they deserve. The wait list is simply a tool to manage that pace so that a flood of new relationships doesn’t cause a bottleneck or a disruption in the level of service I expect to be able to provide.

As always, I’m available to those who have questions. Last I’ll add – thanks, readers, for being a part of my little experiment. I’m having a blast.

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