Introducing Fireside Markets

One of my favorite parts of the past two years has been becoming a part of an online community of advisors, commentators, economists and bloggers. I love the conversations, the original content, thoughtful discussions and debate. The intelligent disagreement and engagement is great.

In that vein, I decided to formalize some of the conversations in the form of a new podcast, called Fireside Markets. The purpose of Fireside Markets is simple: to have thoughtful discussions about finance, markets, investing, economics and related fields. Guests will be authors, advisors, bloggers, investment strategists and anybody else with something useful to share.

So far lined up are Morgan Housel, Cullen Roche, Ben Carlson, Josh Brown and Bob Seawright with more to come. So join us, share your feedback and tell me who else would be a great guest.  Send me an email at or on Twitter @BasonAsset.

Episode 1: Fireside Markets with Morgan Housel

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