Yours truly in some press

A few bits and pieces of press quoting or featuring me have made the rounds recently so I thought I’d share.

One, the cover story of Financial Planning magazine surrounds the nature and changing landscape of financial advisory fees, and they were kind enough to call me for some input. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a hard copy you’ll even see a few shots of my smiling mug. You can find the entire piece here:

How Should Advisors Be Charging Now?

The second piece, over at RIABiz, was published last week.  The editors over there picked up a previous piece of mine and wanted to put a bit more meat on it, which we did.

My 10-year journey from a BoA call center to establishing a solo $73-million AUM RIA

Many thanks to the journalists and editors from both organizations who were all a pleasure to work with!

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