How I Got Here – McKenzie Ebbesen

I am excited and honored to announce my new role as a Financial Consultant with Bason Asset Management. Aside from my love of numbers, I became a advisor to help hardworking people make their money work for them. With a business degree in both finance and economics, I started my career at one of the top independent wealth management firms in the nation, recognized by Barron’s, Forbes and Financial Times – impressive right? I thought so too.  But eventually my inner curiosity wanted to see the other side of the finance world, so I accepted a position with a top mutual fund company. Working with hundreds of financial advisors in this role opened my eyes to the number of quality advisors in our industry, or lack thereof. This led me to my calling – to be a Financial Consultant. The call was obvious when I realized this crucial role in people’s lives aligned perfectly with my passion for helping others and the numbers nerd inside me.

So, I went back to wealth management and obtained my CFP®. I was determined to be one of the few advisors to actually do true financial planning for clients. I had now been with this wealth management firm for the better part of a decade and gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. Quite frankly, I learned more in ten years than most advisors learn in their 40 year careers because I was exposed to some very large and complicated cases. I genuinely felt blessed. The people I learned from and worked with brought me to new heights in my professional development (James Osborne being one of the most prominent).  But the more knowledge I gained the more questions I had and there began an internal battle between my head and heart…the struggle between what I was supposed to say and do, and what I felt was the right thing to do. Fees and investments were at the forefront of my continuous questioning and discontent. While I agreed with the general philosophy of investing and planning: own high quality investments, stay well diversified, don’t try to time the market, control taxes and make recommendations with a holistic planning view, I did not agree with the ~1% fee structure and the need to use mutual funds to justify the fee.

I’ll admit, it took me a while to get there because it is industry standard, so it was hard to think outside the box. When James Osborne introduced me to his pricing structure and planning model my path became crystal clear. Bason Asset Management is a flat fee only asset management firm offering comprehensive financial planning and tax efficient, cost-effective portfolio management by use of index investments. His model was the solution I was looking for to help weed out conflicts of interest, focus on the aspects that have the biggest impact on the success of someone’s financial plan, and rid myself and clients of the time and energy spent on trivial elements such as the never ending discussion of why another mutual fund underperformed and what to do about it. I am thrilled to start this new chapter with Bason Asset Management and can’t wait to help my clients live a better life by truly understanding what’s important to them and using their means to live out their dreams.

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